Urgent dedicated deliveries
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GB European specialises in delivering parts in the motor industry, where speed is of the essence in order to ensure time and money is not lost on the assembly line.

We also regularly deliver for the aircraft, printing, medical and communication industries, transporting anything from exhibition materials to mobile phones and computer parts.

GB European can accommodate all your delivery needs, whether you require documents to be delivered urgently or you have chemicals that need transporting. We are fully equipped and qualified to deal with dangerous or hazardous loads on our vehicles.

Our drivers have all the equipment and materials needed to ensure your load is safely and securely fastened in the vans, no matter how fragile and no matter what shape or size.

GB European partners a company called V4B Solutions, giving us access to an even wider network of independent hauliers. This means we are able to source vehicles from 7.5 tonners up to trailers with max 26 ton load capacity. We can also arrange air freight and sea freight when necessary.

UK and European Deliveries

We can promise same day delivery in a dedicated van throughout the UK and next day delivery within Europe. Dedicated deliveries can also be arranged to North Africa. Transit times are available on all journeys.

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